Copywriting & Storytelling


Awareness film NS (Dutch Railways)

Lifehunters recently made an awareness commercial for NS (Dutch Railways) to show how dangerous it is to catch a train after the signal.

“50% of people try to catch the train after the signal. Be smart. Don’t run the risk.”

Concept: Lifehunters
Copy: Sanne Ueffing


Food waste is a big problem. In Holland we’re wasting 50 kilo’s of food per person, per year. To raise awareness for this problem, SIRE asked us to make a TVC. Because it made us very conscious about our own acting, we thought it would be a waste to make a totally new TVC, when there are so many good commercials already made.

The groundwork

Besides the TVC, we also launched a platform called Kliekipedia. It’s an encyclopedia that gives you tips about how to use leftovers.

ADCN Bronze Lamp | Advertising – Film 2016
Nomination ADCN Craft – Film Editing 2016
Nomination SAN Accent Excellent 2015
Nomination SAN Accent Non Profit & Government 2015
STER Gouden Loekie nr. 4 eerste kwartaal 2015

Concept: Stella Geurtsen, Mischa Schreuder, Ramon Stalenhoef
Art: Stella Geurtsen, Mischa Schreuder
Copy: Ramon Stalenhoef, Sanne Ueffing

Client: SIRE / Agency: Orchestra


Fashion label Van Gils is dressing the Dutch national football team. During the World Cup of 2014 in Brasil, Van Gils launched a commercial/film in which lions are playing football with Kevin Richardson (also known as “the lion whisperer”).

We learned about Kevin’s foundation and mission: to provide a safe habitat for lions. Naturally, we wanted to help him. By re-using the footage, we created a non-profit campaign to raise awareness for his sanctuary.



Nomination ADCN Advertising | Digital Advertising 2015
Nomination Spin Award for Media Planning 2015
Concept: Sanne Ueffing, Mischa Schreuder, Ruben Heerings
Art: Mischa Schreuder, Marlyn Barends
Copy: Sanne Ueffing, Ramon StalenhoefKevin Richardson Foundation / Agency: Orchestra


Online research showed that Auping customers are considering IKEA mattresses instead of going for a new, much more expensive Auping mattress. Because Auping believes that you can’t compare the quality of Auping with IKEA, we came up with a cheeky billboard next to an IKEA store.



Concept, Art & Copy: Sanne Ueffing
Client: Auping / Agency: Orchestra

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